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The SatNav literally saved my marriage. I never thought I would say it but a little magic box was the saviour of my marriage. I remember our first family holiday to Devon.
Devon is a myriad of narrow winding lanes interspersed with houses, combine harvesters and an occasional church. I should also mention that my wife doesn’t like my driving. She says I drive too fast and I brake too late. Qualities she assured me were not suitable for the narrow lanes of Devon.

Even though she would be in the passenger seat I would see her foot push down toward a non-existent brake pedal hoping that it would somehow slow us down so that she would not meet her maker that day. One morning I was informed that there had been a family meeting; the result of which was that I was no longer the designated driver. So I begrudgingly I handed over the keys and plodded to the passenger seat. I still remember hurtling down the aforementioned lanes licking my wounds when I was bombarded with all manner of existential questions such as, where are we? Where do we need to turn off? Were we meant to take that road back there? How would I know? I have been thinking about me for the last 45 minutes and you are seeking answers to questions, which philosophers throughout the ages have struggled.
So after a heated argument or two I dug out a map and attempted to ascertain our location, find our destination, and then try to plot a route. The situation was further complicated by the fact that it was an outdated map for Dorset and every 20 or 30 seconds my wife would yell out seemingly random place names, as we passed them as if it somehow helped.

The tension in the car was palpable, as she could not understand that yelling random street names did not assist. I still shudder as I recall our eventual beleaguered arrival at our destination along with a strong conviction never repeat that again. However like lemmings we continued the process for our entire stay.
However the following year I purchased a SatNav so when we travelled to Devon again, not only did we know where we were going but we were still on speaking terms when we arrived. That got me to thinking. When we go on a journey we tend to have a destination in mind, we programme that destination into our SatNav, and in turn it gives us a clear plan to reach that destination. By following the plan we eliminate the pain of getting lost and all the arguments.

However when it comes to planning for our future very few of us give it much thought. I find it strange that we spend £1000’s and expend significant energy into planning a holiday but we completely overlook that which is really important.

When was the last time you sat down and considered what your legacy to your family, or planet Earth is going to be? Will you be remembered as the person who had a plan that provided peace of mind and a future for your family?

We at Charis Life Planning can help you plan by creating a Will, Powers of Attorney, or Trusts. We also offer Funeral Plans and Probate services. To alleviate the stress for you and your family during those hard times, you know it just makes sense to plan ahead. Call us today. We can help you plan for you and your family’s peace of mind.
James Tong